School System Facilities - Part II - Facilities Assessment Request for Proposal

Since I first posted the Facilities Review regarding the three options proposed by the Department of Education, I have had several people ask: “where does it go from here”. Although it is unclear, from prior Board minutes, the School Board is seeking bids on a Facilities Assessment. 


A draft Request for Proposal (“RFP”) was circulated to School Board members prior to their meeting on April 4, 2018.  According to the draft RFP, the School Board is seeking bids from outside firms to:


ascertain the present condition of each facility, and to assist GCPS in forecasting capital funding requirements to address deficiencies. The assessment will also be used to establish priorities for the maintenance, repair, enhancement, or replacement of facilities and their component systems. Further, the analysis as presented in the proposed assessment should be useful when identifying and justifying needs to support a future bond issue.  (emphasis added).


From estimates I have heard, the Facilities Assessment, will cost in excess of $100,000.00 to be paid to outside architectural consultants.  Unlike the Facilities Review, a free study conducted by the Commonwealth, the Facilities Assessment will be paid for by the School System.  To put the cost in perspective, $100,000 is nearly equivalent to a one cent increase in the property tax rate for the County.  As with the Facilities Review, I offer no opinion as to necessity or cost of the Facilities Assessment.  Rather, this is being posted to allow others to review the information and follow up as they deem fit. 


From the May 3, 2018, Board Minutes, the RFP will be put before the Board for approval at the May 17, 2018 Board meeting.  Click here to view the RFP.